Safety Products and Accessories

Safety products and other accessories can be purchased to complement our ventilation systems. They are also available for individual sale. Our Safety Screens, for example, can be used for proper signage and barriers in any restricted zone, regardless of whether it is a source of fumes. 




Swinging Wall Brackets 

Mounting KitsFor use with high ceilings or side-by-side stations. 

Programmable Mini-Time Controllers 

TimerPrograms our ventilation systems to turn on at the start of the exhaust or firing process and turn off when excess heat and fumes are eliminated. 

Safety Screens

ScreenPortable, free-standing barriers designed to keep people away from kilns in operation or other restricted areas.

Individual Parts and Overstock Items for Sale 

Parts and Overstock Blowers, support brackets, flexible duct exhaust kits, pulleys, clamps, and other parts are available for individual sale as new or replacement parts. 

We often have various overstock items from custom projects and other work available for individual sale at discounted prices.