Place-A-Vent Corrosion-Resistant Fume Exhausters





 Place-A-Vent Corrosion-Resistant

Model CR-150 is the most compact of the

three standards units.


Place-A-Vent standard TEFC heavy-duty motors feature an inline on-off rocker switch.

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Economical Removal of Corrosive Fumes and Smoke at Their Source

Place-A-Vent CR models provide an economical means to extract corrosive fumes and smoke at their source. Available in three different models to meet the requirements of various applications, all Place-A-Vent corrosion-resistant units include:


  • Polypropylene fan housing and wheel with stainless steel hardware utilized in assembly
  • Heavy-duty TEFC motors with 8-ft. power cord and inline on-off rocker switch
  • Motor support stand fabricated from steel and finished with baked enamel paint
  • Flexible PVC inlet/outlet connectors with stainless steel clamps
  • Intake hood fabricated from PVC, connecting to a 24-in. long flexible gooseneck support arm (magnetic base is standard - an optional clamp base is available)
  • 12 ft. of clear PVC flexible hose is provided for cutting to the desired intake/discharge length
  • Stainless steel wall pipe and exterior back draft louver includes a bird screen made from Polypropylene with an UV inhibitor
  • Longer flexible PVC hose lengths available

System Features:

1 Year Warranty

  • Easy to install - all mounting components included
  • Can be easily moved to a different location - an advantage over exhaust fans and fixed overhead hoods
  • Can be modified for multiple work stations
  • Larger volume fans and TEXP motors available


Fan Performance Curves

Fan Performance

























Specifications and Pricing

  Model   HP  RPM  Ph/Hz/Volts  [email protected]"w.g.  Hood Size  Flex Hose



 CR-150  1/3  3450  1/60/115-230  165  10-in. x 4-in.
 12-ft.  4-in. dia.  $ 1,480.00
 CR-600  1/2  3450  1/60/115-230  600
 14-in. x 6-in.
 12-ft.  6-in. dia.  $ 2,035.00
 CR-1000  1/3  1725  1/60/115-230  1000  14-in. x 6-in.  12-ft.  6-in. dia.  $ 2,265.00