Place-A-Vent Fume Exhausters - Portable Models





 Portable Place-A-Vent shown in use


Shown in a welding application with a custom hood and support arm, the portable Place-A-Vent wheels up to the in-plant operation to remove fumes, heat and odors at their source.


Portable Place-A-Vent
Portable Place-A-Vent

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Portable Fume Exhauster to Help Keep Your Working Environment Clean, Safe and Comfortable

Removing and ventilating fumes produced by welding, brazing, soldering, plasma or laser cutting, and similar operations is a critical concern in today's safety-conscious work environment. The Place-A-Vent portable fume extractor is an economical and convenient way to remove smoke, fumes and heat at their source to help assure worker safety and comfort.

One Year Warranty
Mounted on a rugged, easy-to-maneuver cart, the portable Place-A-Vent is simply wheeled up to the location where the fumes are being produced and need to be removed. The operator plugs in the unit to a standard electrical supply, directs the discharge hose to the desired exhaust outlet, and adjusts the collection hood to the fume area.


System Components:

  • High-pressure fan unit fabricated with 14-gauge steel housing and a self-cleaning, cast aluminum radial wheel
  • 25 feet of flexible discharge hose
  • 12 feet of flexible intake hose
  • Rigid galvanized steel intake hood with handle and large magnetic base for ease in mounting at the fume source

Customized versions of the portable Place-A-Vent are available. Contact us for details.


Specifications and Pricing

 RPM  Ph/Hz/Volts  [email protected]"w.g.  Hood Size  Flex Hose (1)
 PFE-750  1  3450  1/60/115  750  8-in. x 8-in.  25-ft. & 10-ft.
 6-in. dia.  $ 1,799.00

 (1) Longer lengths of Exhaust Flex Hose are available at $ 6.25 per ft.

 (2) Longer lengths of Intake Flex Hose are available at $ 13.00 per ft.



Standard Hood
Standard Intake Hood
Featuring durable, corrosion-resistant construction and a convenient handle, the  Portable Place-A-Vent intake hood is secured on a large magnetic base.