Portable Fume Extractor! (PFE-750)



Shown in a welding application with a custom hood and support arm; the portable Vent-A-Fume rolls up to the in-plant operation to remove fumes, heat and odors at their source!


Portable Place-A-Vent
Portable Place-A-Vent


 Portable Fume Extractors Help to Keep Your Working Environment Clean, Safe and Comfortable!
Removing and ventilating fumes produced by welding, glass flaming/blowing, soldering, plasma or laser cutting, and similar operations is a critical concern in today's safety-conscious work environment. Vent-A-Fume's portable fume extractor is an economical and convenient way to remove smoke, fumes and/or heat at their source to help assure worker safety and comfort.

One Year Warranty
Mounted on a rugged, easy-to-maneuver cart, the portable unit is simply rolled-up to the location where the fumes are being produced. The operator plugs in the unit to a standard electrical supply (115v), directs the discharge hose to the desired exhaust location, and aims intake hose with collection hood at the fume area.


System Components:

  • High-pressure fan unit fabricated with 14-gauge steel housing and a self-cleaning, cast aluminum radial wheel
  • 25 feet of flexible discharge hose
  • 12 feet of rugged flexible intake hose
  • Rigid galvanized steel zinc coated intake hood with handle and large magnetic base for ease in mounting at the fume source

Customized versions of Vent-A-Fume's Portable Fume Extractor (PFE-750) are available...Please contact us for details.

Specifications and Pricing

 RPM  Ph/Hz/Volts  [email protected]"w.g.  Hood Size  Flex Hose (1)
 PFE-750  1  3450  1/60/115  750  8-inch Round  25-ft. & 10-ft.
 6-in. dia.  $ 1,799.00

 (1) Longer lengths of Exhaust Flex Hose are available at $6.25 per ft.

 (2) Longer lengths of Intake Flex Hose are available at $13.00 per ft.



Standard Hood
Standard Intake Hood
Featuring a durable, zinc coated corrosion-resistant construction with a convenient handle, the Portable Vent-A-Fume intake hood is secured on a large magnetic base. Note: Other hood mounting/configuration options available.