Octagon and Round Kiln Ventilation Selection Process




Vent-A-Kiln System Standard Vent-A-Kiln pre-engineered systems are available to ventilate round, octagonal, or any other shape kilns. All systems have a three-year warranty and are furnished complete with:


  • Circular Aluminum Hood
  • Two-speed Fan/Blower
  • Overhead Counter-weight Pulley System
  • 10 feet of Flexible Exhaust Hose and all necessary Clamps
  • Externally-mounted Louvered Discharge Plate

To select the correct model, measure the exterior dimension (outer diameter) of your kiln and choose among the systems below that best fit your size.

If you have a square, rectangular or oval kiln, you must measure the longest dimension; that is, corner to opposite corner. Round or multi-faced kilns need only have the diameter measured.

We can also fabricate square or rectangular fume hoods to meet the specific requirements of your kiln. Click here for more information.


Note: The 500 model versions use 500-CFM blowers, and thus have heavier counter-weights. (Models 1544 and 1654 also have 500-CFM blowers.) 


 Longest Exterior

 Dimension (OD) 







 19 to 23 inches  27-in.  5-in.
 1227 or 1227/500
 24 to 28 inches     32-in.  6-in.
 1332 or 1332/500
 29 to 33 inches
 1437 or 1437/500
 34 to 40 inches
 7-1/4-in.  1544
 41 to 50 inches
 More than 51 inches
 Consult Factory











Note: "SST" systems are value-priced, complete systems (as described above) plus the appropriate size Safety Screen and Programmable Timer.

vak positive pressureStandard Positive-Pressure Systems

The pre-engineered electric kiln venting systems are available as "positive pressure" systems. A positive-pressure system simply means that the fan is attached to the hood and pushes the heat and fumes to the exit point.











vak negative pressureOptional Negative-Pressure Systems

A negative-pressure system puts the fan where it can draw the heat and fumes from the kiln and bring them to the exit point. Negative pressure is often specified as a safeguard against a tear in the hose. Any pre-engineered system can be modified easily for a negative-pressure application.