Frequently Asked Questions

How hot will the fume hood get during kiln firings?

Depending on the cone level being fired, the outer skin of a kiln will typically get between 300°F and 500°F (149°C and 260°C) while the Vent-A-Kiln hood will not typically get above 150°F (66°C). You should be able to lay your hand on the Vent A Kiln hood for a brief moment during the entire firing process. 

Will a Vent-A-Kiln system lower the room temperature?

Yes - in a confined kiln room without a Vent-A-Kiln system, temperatures can range from 110°F to more than 160°F (43°C to 71°C) depending on the rooms starting ambient temperature. This makes for an unfavorable and uncomfortable environment for you and your kiln. To ensure optimal operation of kilns and controls, kilns need to operate in an environment between 32°F and 100°F (0°C and 38°C). By removing fumes and heat, Vent-A-Kiln systems help keep the room temperature lower for a more comfortable working environment.


Is it possible to utilize one Vent-A-Kiln system for two kilns not being fired at the same time? 

Yes - by using our swinging wall bracket, aligning the kilns as described in the Owner's (OEM) manual. Please do not hesitate to contact us if further explanation is needed after reviewing the OEM.


Can I use one system to vent both my kiln and a soldering station?

Yes - we can modify the standard Vent-A-Kiln system to vent your kiln and soldering station simultaneously or individually when one or the other is not being used. Please contact us for details.


What are the advantages of a Vent-A-Kiln system?

Vent-A-Kiln systems vent both heat and fumes simultaneously. Our system does not interfere with the internal firing chamber, so there is no upsetting of the firing balance (e.g. internal cold spots, delayed heat up time and fluctuation in internal temperatures) as seen with a down-draft ventilation system. No modification to the kiln is required to install, and Vent-A-Kiln provides the "Best-in-the-Industry Warranty."


What does the warranty cover and for how long?

The warranty covers all parts, controls, and manufacturing workmanship of your Vent-A-Kiln system for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. If any part is proved to be faulty within the warranty duration, it will be replaced or repaired at the option of Vent-A-Kiln Corporation, without charge.


What payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks or money orders and wire transfers. Checks will delay shipment of orders by approximately two (2) weeks for processing. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and companies; however, credit must be pre-approved for all companies.


What diameter flexible hose does the Vent-A-Kiln system utilize?

  • Systems that have our 265 CFM (P-11) fan use a 5-inch diameter flexible hose.
  • Systems that have our 500 CFM (P-10) fan use a 6-inch diameter flexible hose.
  • Higher CFM fans typically utilize 8-inch diameter flexible hose; however, please consult factory for proper fan and duct size.


Can I use more than 10 feet of flexible hose?

Not recommended - we do not recommend utilizing more than 10 feet of flexible hose on the intake with our standard 265 CFM and 500 CFM fans. The flexible hose has a resistance to air flow and decreases the efficiency of the fan units. If it is necessary to use more than 10 feet of flexible hose, please contact factory for proper fan selection.

Can the flexible hose handle the heat?

Yes - the hose is fabricated from a triple-ply laminate fiberglass scrim. It is adhered to an aluminized polyester face and aluminum foil backing. It has a temperature rating of -20°F to 250°F (-29°C to 121°C). The standard Vent-A-Kiln system has a typical exhaust temperature less than 150°F (66°C) depending on what cone level the kiln is being fired.


What is the longest duct run I can have?

  • The 265 CFM fan (P-11) can utilize: (a) 10 feet of flexible hose with one 90° elbow; or (b) 5 feet of flexible hose, 10 feet of smooth wall duct and one 90° elbow; or (c) 5 feet of flexible hose and 15 feet of smooth wall duct with no elbows.
  • The 500 CFM fan (P-10) can utilize: (a) 10 feet of flexible hose with two 90° elbows; or (b) 5 feet of flexible hose and 20 feet of smooth wall duct and one 90° elbow; or (c) 5 feet of flexible hose and 25 feet of smooth wall duct with no elbows.


Do you have a question?

If you still have questions that perhaps have not been addressed above please give one of our professionals a call @ (716) 876-2023 or toll-free 1-877-876-8368 or shoot us an @ email.