Fume Extractors for Encaustic Painting Studios! 

"Efficient, quiet, and easy to install, Vent-A-Fume Encaustic Fume
Extractor creates a safe working environment for any encaustic artist." 

-Mark Lavatelli, MFA, Professor of Humanities, Medaille College

Model ENC2015 Encaustic Fume Extractor

Melted encaustic wax releases unpleasant fumes containing acrolien as-well-as other various aldehydes. The concentration of these emissions increases at higher working temperatures commonly found in encaustic art or paint applications. If not properly vented, these emissions can become an encaustic safety issue leading to headache, nausea, and possible future respiratory concerns. Encaustic supplies such as the Vent-A-Fume encaustic fume extractor removes undesirable fumes directly at the source.  


The Vent-A-Fume Model ENC2015 Fume Extractor is a complete ventilation system designed for encaustic palette venting. It is easy to assemble for installation on workbenches and tabletops. It's ergonomic, lightweight design makes the portable unit easy to transport and reposition as needed.


The close-capture design of Vent-A-Fume allows for quick and efficient removal of virtually all emissions. It utilizes a positive-pressure system that exhausts excess heat and fumes to the outside or into existing ductwork.


Removing and ventilating fumes is a critical concern in today's safety-conscious work environment. Vent-A-Fume's table-mounted ventilator helps provide healthier conditions for encaustic painting studios as well as other similar fume-producing processes such as: oil painting, nail manicuring, spot soldering, jewelry curing and dental ovens.


Specifications & Pricing

Model No.










1Ph, 60Hz, 115V

$465.00 *Plus shipping


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