Table-Mounted Ventilation Systems for Dental Burnout Ovens, Jewelry and Small Ceramic Kilns, and Hobbyist Applications

Bench Mounted Ventilation System



Table-mounted ventilation units are complete ventilation systems typically used for/on small ceramic kilns, jewelry kilns, burnout ovens (dental or any application/industry that utilizes burnout ovens) or for any other professional or hobbyist application that requires tabletop ventilation. They are easy to assemble and ergonomically friendly mounted to your bench or tabletop. 


The close-capture design allows for quick and efficient removal of virtually all process emissions. Bench-mounted vent systems are positive-pressure system that exhaust excess heat and fumes to the outside or into your existing duct-work.


3 standard models are available with aluminum spun hoods in diameters of 27 inches, 32 inches, and 37 inches. Removing and ventilating fumes is a critical concern in today's safety-conscious work environment. A bench-mounted ventilation system helps you provide a healthier work environment for you and your associates.


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