Vent-A-Kiln SystemsModels 1227, 1332 & 1437



Vent-A-Kiln standard models 1227, 1332, and 1437 are cost-effective, small-format, variable-height process ventilation systems for electric kilns. They are designed for hobbyists and studio potters, and for anyone else using a small-format kiln.

All four standard models include a 110-volt, 265-CFM blower mounted on top of the hood and are designed for positive-pressure applications. Negative-pressure models are also available, as they can be modified easily at the factory.


Swinging Wall Bracket








Both positive and negative-pressure models are available with an optional Swinging Wall Bracket.


Safety ScreenTimer

"SST" systems include a three-panel Safety Screen and a Programmable Timer.

The functional difference between each model is the outside diameter of the kiln it is used on.


 Kiln Outer


 Model  Hood Size
 19 to 23 inches  1227  27 inches
 24 to 28 inches  1332  32 inches
 29 to 33 inches  1437  37 inches

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