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OSHA CompliantVent-A-Fume designs and manufactures fume hoods and ventilation systems that remove contaminated air at its source. We have more than 30 years of experience providing schools, ceramic studios, industrial plants, automotive shops, commercial and institutional facilities, and other companies with fume exhausters and safety accessories for source capture of process emissions - heat, fumes, smoke, odors - and removing them properly to help ensure a safer, healthier working environment.


Our products are easy to install and backed by a three-year warranty. You can download architectural-engineering specifications, pricing, and installation manuals from our website to view and share with colleagues. If a standard model does not meet your exact requirements, our engineering department can custom-design a fume exhaust system to meet your needs.


Electric Kiln Venting
Fume Exhauster
Portable Place-A-Vent


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heat and fumes from kilns? 

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Encaustic Artist Fume Extractor
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Roland HOTbox™ for Encaustic Monotypes

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Introducing New Place-A-Vent Portable Models
Portable Place-A-Vent
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